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Herd Mentality: The Ultimate Social Strategy Game

  • BE THE FIRST PLAYER TO COLLECT EIGHT COWS: That is the prize for winning Herd Mentality game.
  • OF PLAYERS: 4 to 20
  • 1 pink cow and 1 three-dimensional cardboard shape are the materials needed. Paddock for cows, tokens representing cows, question cards, and answer sheets

Can you disappear amid the throng? That is the objective of the Herd Mentality game! Each group will have one player read out the question. Later, everyone else has to try answering the question like they think everyone else will.

Accumulating a cow is the reward for skilled blending. Being the outcast increases your chances of earning the dreadful pink cow, ruining your chances of winning the game for as long as you have it. Remain in the group and provide straightforward responses; you might win the game.


Start by building the 3-D cow paddock in the group’s center. Put cow tokens in there; that’s where the players will get their cows. Then, on top of the tokens, set the pink cow.

After that, the assembly will select a Question Wrangler. It will be their job to decipher the challenges at various points during the game.

Make sure each person has a pencil and an answer sheet. Get ready for the next level!


Before the game starts, the Question Wrangler reads a question from the question card. Then, everyone records their response on their answer sheet. The objective is to assign the same reaction to all of the questions. Always keep sight of the herd mentality.

Next, have everyone in the group read out loud their response. One cow is awarded to the player whose answer is statistically most common. Without a majority vote, no one wins a cow.

So long as no two players have the identical answer, the pink cow can stay with the person who was left out. This is such a harsh penalty for going against the grain of groupthink.

A player can still gain cows even if they have the pink cow, but they can’t win the game.

You can only eliminate the pink cow if another player is out of the game. Because of this, you can give them the pink cow.

After a player has earned eight cows, the game ends.


Once you’ve gathered eight cows, the game is ended! The champion is this player.

-You may find many games in the party game genre that promote originality and innovation. Overboard, our board game show has featured several of them. On the other hand, being exceptional is not rewarded in the most recent gameplay. The polar opposite is true. Playing the simple party game Herd Mentality, about following the crowd, was a blast.

Playing Herd Mentality is a breeze: Someone randomly draws a question card, and the group hears it read. You can be asked to name an animal that starts with the letter “P” or asked to choose the greatest dessert based on your opinion. There may be multiple-choice questions, such as “Would you rather win the Nobel Prize, Olympic Gold, or an Oscar if you could choose just one?”

Not only does the questioner take out a piece of paper, but everyone else does. They should critically choose the response they believe most of the group will choose rather than their personal opinion. When all participants are prepared, the answers are announced, and the results are calculated. Players score one point apiece if most or all of their answers are the same. Nothing for the rest of us. Each player loses one point if the group is divided in half (or three halves if the group is large enough).

Plus, the pink cow is a unique punishment for players who answer the questions in a way that no one else has. Getting this trinket makes a player’s chances of winning the game zero. They can only cross their fingers that another player becomes the outcast in a subsequent round. But if more than one player provides different responses, the pink cow doesn’t move.

The game continues if no player reaches eight points (while avoiding the pink cow). A single participant always wins the game. If multiple players reach eight points on the same turn, the score necessary to win increases by one.

Although anyone can pick up the games and start playing, mastering them takes more practice than it appears. Although choosing an answer that you believe represents the consensus can be challenging, it is a lot of fun to see how different players tackle the game’s challenges.


For how many players is Herd Mentality Game a viable option?

The optimal number of players for herd mentality is four to twenty.

Can a family enjoy playing Herd Mentality?

Herd mentality is a fun family game. It does not contain mature or sexually explicit material, making it appropriate for viewers aged 10 and up.

Somebody creates herd mentality, right?

“Big Potato” games create a herd mentality. Additionally, they produce a plethora of additional party games.

What strategies can be employed to overcome herd mentality?

First things first: win cows if you want to win herd mentality. One must adopt a herd mentality to win cows. You must respond to a question. You must find a way to rid your herd of the pink cow before your herd will be rendered useless if your answer is the one that stands out. A cow, nevertheless, is yours for the taking if your guess is the most popular. A player wins the game if they are the first to win 8 cows without having a pink cow in their herd.


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